Meniscus is a fun word

I mentioned last weekend that I’ve had some knee pain. Turns out it’s less generalized and more acute, resulting in wincing when I go down stairs or my foot turns just so. The pain is very localized on the inside part of my right knee.

My coworker, who has torn many things (meniscus and ACL, I believe) and had 2 knee surgeries, assures me the pain would be much greater if I needed to go to the doctor. Nevertheless, she advises I go in a week if it’s still painful and that it is probably a mild meniscus tear, given the motions that hurt it.

In the meantime, I’m really disappointed I can’t run this week. After below freezing weather, it’s been in the 40’s. Ice is melted, sun is out, and not being able to run SUCKS.  I went back to last year’s posts from when I was in a walking boot to find workouts for this week.


“Manageable, but not Sustainable”

That’s how I described my tendinitis to my coworker yesterday.


Right now, every run causes some sort of pain, but with ice baths, rest days, and ibuprofen – it is manageable.  I have just shy of 4 weeks left to the half marathon and I can manage to keep running until them.  Hopefully, to keep running enough to finish the race in 3 hours.

But not sustainable.

If that race were not coming up, I would take 1 – 2 weeks off from running, all the while working my PT regimen.  Then I would start with 2 mile runs x 4 times per week = 8 miles per week.  Then I would increase my weekly mileage by the 10% rule, with every 4th week being a “rest” week.  That’s how I should have been training for the half marathon.  It is how I would have been training, had it not been for the sprained ankle and being laid up for 2 months.  I write this to point out that the increases I’m making right now are not smart, and cannot be sustained in the long term.  This should be my training program for the half marathon.  It is 18 weeks long.  I’m doing it 8 weeks and, frankly, I will probably not be able to walk without a limp for at least week.  I will take a few weeks off after that, rehab myself, and run recreationally.

  1. 8 miles
  2. 8.8 miles
  3. 9.6 miles
  4. 8 miles
  5. 10.5 miles
  6. 11.5 miles
  7. 12.6 miles
  8. 10.5 miles
  9. 13.8 miles
  10. 15.1 miles
  11. 16.6 miles
  12. 13.8 miles
  13. 18.2 miles
  14. 20.0 miles
  15. 22.0 miles
  16. 24.2 miles
  17. 20.0 miles
  18. 26.6 miles

Workout Wednesday 3/18


  • Pull Ups = So, this morning I could only do 2 pull ups.  HOWEVER, I did an arm workout last night at 10:30pm, so I’m blaming it on that.  I swear next week I’m gonna be at 6. [Goal = 10 in a row]
  • Workouts = 4 – At least I improved what is in my control 🙂



  • 6 pull ups – My old roommate and I used to have a rule and we would call each other on it.  We put a pull up bar between the kitchen and the living room and any time you crossed through that doorway (and weren’t holding food or something), you had to do 1 pull up.  I need to implement that rule in my current apartment and hold myself to it.
  • The workouts I’m currently doing only take about 20-30 minutes.  I watch at least an hour of TV a day.  Therefore, I should be able to workout EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  Now, I know I don’t want to get discouraged, so I’m going to build up to there.  This week’s goal is 5 workouts.
  • Rest my ankle.  And get a lace up ankle brace.  And hopefully, successfully transition to said ankle brace next Tuesday.  I already have my PT appointment for March 31.
  • Find new workouts.  If I do Skinny Mom’s exercises for toned arms one more time, I’m gonna punch a skinny mom right in the face with my ridiculously toned arm.

Workout Wednesday 3/11 and a non-update update


  • Pull Ups = Back down to 4 😦  Last week I did 5!  This week I was lazy.  [Goal = 10 in a row]
  • Workouts = 3


  • Thursday 3/5 – Exercises for Toned Arms – I upped this to 1 set of 15 reps of the 15 moves that don’t require weight on my leg, with 5 lb weights.  I only did 10 reps last week.
  • Monday 3/9 – Exercises for Toned Arms – 2 sets of 10!  After 3 days of nothing…lol. + 30 sit ups and 15 each side oblique sit ups
  • Wednesday 3/11 – Abs & Hips – I stole a few moves (emphasis on few, since most of the workout is standing up) 6 Week 6 Pack from Jillian Michaels for my bum leg and increased the reps.  Then, I added in hips, since I’m very off-kilter with this boot on.  I’m doing this workout when I get home today:
    • Long Lever Crunches 30 ea. side
    • Back Extensions with Lat Pull 30
    • Double Crunch 30
    • Side Crunch 30 ea. side
    • Diagonal Get Ups 30 ea. side
    • Clamshells 15 ea. side
    • Donkey Kicks 15 ea. side
    • Fire Hydrants 15 ea. side

WEEKLY GOALS Non-Update Update on My Ankle

Fuck weekly goals.  I can’t make goals when I have no idea how mobile I’ll be.  Okay, so that was a little self-defeating.  I’m a little frustrated.  It’s not being able to really work out and get some endorphins and sweat out all the bullshit combined with the reason I can’t work out – this boot on my foot that doesn’t know why it’s there or how long it has to stay.  It just wants some answers, the poor boot!  It deserves that much, doesn’t it?!  I’m veering into the theatrical (or maniacal? dramatical? insane?) — hold on, I’ll reel in the crazy…

Last week, I attempted to switch to an ankle brace as instructed.  After 2.5 days and 2 different ankle braces, I was wincing with every step and extremely cranky.  Boot back on!  On Monday, I called ahead to the doctor to see if he wanted me to get an MRI before my follow up appointment, since my ankle and foot were no better than when I saw him previously.  He wanted to see me first before ordering an MRI.  Of course.  You make that money, orthopedist.  Another co-pay later and I have an appointment for an MRI and another follow up with the orthopedist.

I had the MRI yesterday, which was a strange experience.  I’ve never had one before, so I was pretty excited to see it.  But it’s just a huge, gray piece of GE machinery and you can’t move for 30 minutes.  Not my strong suit.  I’ve been getting up at 5am to get to work by 7:30am to try and make up some time that I’ve taken being at all these appointments, so I was exhausted and kept nodding off.  But then my other leg would twitch and I would freak out that I moved too much and threw off the whole image.  Needless to say I was very disoriented when it was finally finished.

I don’t get to hear the results of the MRI until next Monday because Monday’s are the only day that the orthopedist is at a local satellite office, as opposed to one an hour and a half away.  Hopefully, I’ll know something on Monday.  He did mention that it might be my cartilage.  WebMD tells me that’s not good.