Bite Beauty

Look at this little stocking stuffer pack of lipsticks for $25!  Super cute creamy minis – not super shiny, or matte.  Here’s all the colors on:

Fig – A nice pale pink.

Pepper – Great, medium toned mauve.

Honeycomb – Tan?  It’s somewhere between a nude and a brown.

Nori – Ummm, I always want to like dark lipstick, but…it’s just too much work to maintain throughout the day.


Makeup Monday – Face in Five

Five products, five minutes, and here’s my clean, no-makeup-look, face:

  1. Fill in eyebrows and wax into shape with Urban Decay Brow BoxBrow Box in color
  2. Apply foundation all over with NARS Radiant Cream Compact Foundation Product Image, click to zoom
  3. Highlight cheeks and forehead with Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer 
  4. Apply mascara (it was raining, hence the tube mascara) Blinc Mascara Tube Forming mascara, Tube mascara
  5. Now for lipstick! MAC Hot Gossip Lipstick 

Makeup Monday: Ipsy, September 2016


This was an interesting assortment.  Not much in the way of actual makeup…

  1. |★★★★☆| Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5 in 1 Styling Treatment ($15) – I’ve reviewed this before, and to reiterate, it works really well, but I don’t like the feeling of product (any product) in my hair, so…
  2. |★★★☆☆| Dr. G My Skin Mentor BB Cream ($32) – I would never pay that much for a cream that I’m not quite sure what it’s purpose is, but I do like it.  I’ve been using it as a tinted moisturizer, essentially, and it has good coverage.  Feels slightly heavy, but for something w/sunscreen, that’s not so bad.
  3. |★★☆☆☆| Too Faced Lip Injection ($28) – I’m really torn on this one.  It made my lips look amazing – berry colored, plump (god that’s a gross word, isn’t it?).  But, it made them feel tight, burning, chafed (also a gross word).  For someone who is prone to cold sores (yup, I’m just on a roll with the gross stuff right now), using it makes me nervous.
  4. |★★★★☆| Avene Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Serum ($38) – This seems…fine.  It hydrates, which is in the name, so that’s good…right?  Honestly, I can rarely tell the difference between moisturizers.  As long as they don’t have a lot of perfume or chemicals that irritate my face, I’m good to go.
  5. |★★★★★| Coastal Scents Elite Bamboo Collection Medium Shadow Brush ($3) – I LOVE this brush.  I couldn’t find the exact one for sale outside of a set, but no matter.  It’s great!  Big enough to apply to the lid or the highlight in one sweep.


Wedding Makeup – Trial by Myself

So, I tried to recreate a Pinterest board wedding makeup.  Here is the inspiration.

From Lulu’s Blog

I used my new Smashbox palette + Kat Von D’s liquid eyeliner.


I definitely needed a darker brown shadow for the crease, and I don’t love a cat eye.  On my next self-trial, I’m going to try a regular liner with an overall darker crease.  I’m also going to Nair my upper lip because I had to crop it out of the above picture.  HA