Moving Updates

I’ve been doing the bare minimum over here at at Quitters Never Win (and, let’s be honest, many other places in my life), but it’s because we moved last weekend! Here’s some random, unrelated thoughts/observations…

  • FH and I have very different packing styles.  Obviously mine’s better (hahaha), but there are pros and cons to both.
    • I grab a box and fill it with things.  Then I shove my clothes in to cushion the things and fill in the random nooks and crannies.  Pro = By the time I’m done packing “things,” all my clothes are packed, too!  It’s very efficient.  Con = Unpacking.  I have clothes in EVERY box.
    • FH meticulously sorts through his stuff before putting it in a box and gets rid of things as he goes.  Pro = Neat and tidy boxes.  Less stuff.  Easier to unpack.  Con = He had packed 2 boxes in the same time I had packed 20+.  Not quick or efficient.
  • We got movers for the furniture, but tried to do most of the small stuff ourselves.  The goal was to save money, since movers are paid by the hour.  However, once we saw them moving, the extra small boxes that took up 8 car trips would have taken them an extra half hour.  The stuff that took time was wrapping the couches and mattresses…
  • …And trying unsuccessfully to get one couch up the stairs.  It’s for sale on Craig’s List!  — Please someone buy my couch!!!!  Our only other option is to pay someone to take it apart and put it back together again in the apartment.  UGH.  Since we’re only gonna be here for 3-5 years, we don’ t want to have to pay for that every time we move, but so far, no one wants the couch.  😦
  • Unpacking sucks.  It’s also not even remotely done.  And we have a pretty full weekend ahead.  Barf.  I hate moving.
  • Central air is weird.  I like it, but it’s strange to have NO IDEA what the temperature is outside.  Like it could be 0 degrees or 110 degrees and I’d have no idea.
  • The kitchen has a bajillion cabinets.  There are too many places to put things!  I’ve never had so many options before on where to put a cutting board, so I agonized forever over where it made sense.
  • The neighborhood is VERY hilly.  My 3 mile run has the same vertical gain as my 8 mile run from my old apartment.  I’ve also encountered a slug as long as my foot and a spider hanging from a tree.  Not a good running start.

Five Thing Friday

  1. I saw hail for the first time in my life a few days ago.  I knew we were supposed to get thunderstorms, so I expected the crazy lightning coming from the window behind my desk at work.  Then I heard what I thought was rain.  Then I realized how loud it was and turned around and it was gigantic hail.  Glad I didn’t get caught in that on my commute (walk) home.
  2. As I was heading to the condo to clean up all our painting stuff, FH calls and asks in a very serious tone if I could pick up paper towels.  I thought he spilled one of the paint trays all over the hardwood floor or something.  Turns out, I had left the windows open (cuz, paint fumes, duh) and the hail storm had created very large puddles.  Oops.  The paint looks awesome, though!

    smoky blue bedroom


    not pictured, the spot behind FH’s head where the frog tape took off some of the base layer paint because it was bubbly or some shit…still gotta touch that up


    goddamn those look good (and NOT like yankees pinstripes….UGH [FH family is from NY, so I’ve heard that once or twice])

  3. When I picked up paper towels, I bought 2 bags of chips.  Couldn’t help myself…these sounded delicious!


    I thought I would like truffle best. Turns out the biscuits and gravy is where it’s at. Salty, gravy-y, peppery. Delicious.

  4. I’m bad at packing light.  I learned yesterday that I own 10 bathing suits.  I only brought 8!  That’s good, right?!

    Clothes, hat, shoes all on the loveseat


    Hair and shower stuff all on the exercise mat…still waiting to pack my make up!

  5. I ran 2 days in a row this week.  Let me tell you why that’s exciting.  The last time I did that was February 16th and then I was limping for a week, didn’t get to ski on our annual ski trip, and found out I had torn a ligament.  That put me on no running for 2 months.  So, running 2 days in a row was a really big deal for me today, and I wore my Half Marathon shirt for the occasion:

    my arms aren’t long enough for selfies


Peace out girl scouts!  I’m on vacation for a week.  I have a few posts scheduled, but I’m not promising much besides that.

Five Thing Friday

  1. I burnt the roof of my mouth on Monday, not with anything hot, but eating too many very salty peanut butter filled pretzels.  That’s never happened to me before with salt, but it’s really bad.  Everything I’ve eaten this week has been painful, which is a shame, because I made these amazing red wine pork burgers with a fig walnut sauce (recipe here).
  2. I have no weekends free for a few months, but when I do, I’m going to make my work lunches ahead of time.  My Fitness Pal sends me a bunch of awesome recipes.  I really liked this list of Healthy Wrap Ideas.
  3. In a wedding planning update, I think we finally decided on invitations (after already deciding on different ones and then changing my mind – sometimes having too much time is a bad thing), so now I’ve moved onto the wedding website.  I had one fully created on The Knot but none of its themes goes with the invitation, so I started exploring.  Wedding Wire literally has thousands of themes, but you can’t edit the font color (something I found helpful on The Knot to make it match my colors more).  I just need to decide and go with one, because right now I have two.
  4. I’ve been hoarding boxes at work for moving.  They are now piled so high I don’t have a window, anymore.wpid-img_20150716_162631_883.jpg
  5. Let’s talk about something fun on a Friday.  I need a vacation!  I’m taking one in August, but that’s with 13 other people in what will hopefully amount to be a frat house.  It’s not a relaxing vacation.  FH and I have been looking into a variety of places for the honeymoon.  He wants to lie on the beach and do nothing.  I want to go to to Germany and drink beer and go to castles.  Those are two different vacations, and we’re going to try to do both.  I also saw this badass hanging hotel room on a mountain in Peru that is soooo fucking cool.  So, add that to the list!


    seriously check out the website….soooooo cool!

Makeup Monday – Travel Tips

Posting will be on the light side this week. I’m flying to TX to visit my mom on the first flight out Wednesday morning and getting back on the last flight in Sunday night, because she completely disregards anything in anyone’s life that does not relate directly to her, like work schedules and school semesters. I may end up bringing my laptop with me, in which case I’ll probably write a ton to avoid any interpersonal connection with the demon who makes me call her mom (don’t question my feelings on this, birthing a child does not make you a good person or worthy of love – these are thoughts for my therapist, though, not my blog). If I end up opting not carrying my 17″ million pound laptop, I’ll try to schedule a few. Otherwise, you’re on your own.

Since I’m already making packing lists for the upcoming trip, I figured I’d share some lessons learned from disasters past when it comes to packing makeup and toiletries.

  • I find that they best way to pack makeup and toiletries is to pack it as you’re getting ready that morning.  If you used to to get ready that day, then you’ll most likely need it the next day.  By the time my face and hair are ready, I’ve got a bunch of things scattered about the bathroom floor, ready to be thrown in a bag without thinking.
  • But don’t do it without thinking.  Take care to put leaky things in plastic baggies.  I have my homemade makeup remover in a $1 travel bottle.  The oil leaks ALL OVER.  Even putting in a plastic bag is still annoying because the whole bottle and bag get covered in oil.  Instances like this are where it pays off to have separate travel products.  For makeup remover, I use Almay makeup remover pads.  The container is sealed, the pads are easy to use and dispose of.  It eliminates the necessity of bringing cotton balls and a leaky, oil solution.  Voila!
  • Pertaining to the above, do NOT pack baby oil under any circumstances.  No matter how secure and sealed you think it is, it WILL find a way to get all over your whole suitcase.  That shit does not come out.  I threw out 4 or 5 whole outfits.
  • For actual makeup, always pack your base layer and any and all cover-up.  Planes, trains, elevation, and weather all do a number on the skin.  I’ve made the mistake of packing the minimal amount of face makeup (foundation & eyebrow stuff) and found myself desperately in need of cover up and powder.  Your skin and the overall appearance of your face are more important than the blue eyeshadow.  Here is not the place to save space.
  • For make up, bring one or two palettes with a few different shades and a black or brown eyeliner.  Pack one blush or bronzer.  Pack one lipstick, one clear gloss, and one tinted gloss.  That’s it!
  • For my hair, I never pack a hairdryer.  Too bulky and heavy.  I can just let my hair air dry.  I pack a straightener, elastics and a brush.  I forgo my usual hair oil (see points 2 and 3 above).  Granted, these restrictions only hold for vacations and visiting people.  If I’m traveling to a wedding, or some other big event, I pack less clothes to accommodate all the beauty crap.

Of course, this is only if you need to or are trying to save space.  If you have someone else to carry your bags and don’t give a shit about how much crap you’ve just packed into your large suitcase for a long weekend, by all means, go bananas.  Pack everything.