Tattoo Chronicles: #4 and #5

I just realized I never finished my tattoo postings, not that anyone’s asking, but I don’t like leaving loose ends. I also need something to write about, because most of the stuff I want to write about, I don’t want to write about in a public forum.  So, here we are with my most recent two tattoos.

Tree of Life, 2010


This was my present to myself for completing undergrad.  It took 3 sittings, 9 hours, and $1000.  It’s an oak tree, which is the tree of life.  But the real symbolism is in the knots and the acorns (the sunset’s just pretty).  There are 2 knots in the tree truck which represent tough times in my life, 2 bad relationships actually, 1 parental, 1 romantic/abusive.  The point of it all is that every bad thing that you survive, everything that happens to you that you get through and keep going….well, it makes you who you are.  Just as the knots mar the bark of the tree forever, but do not stop it from growing, our experiences impact who we are forever.  They become a part of us.  We don’t forget them and we don’t dwell on them; we use them to become a better person.

The acorns, in relationship to the tree of life, are supposed to represent unharvested potential because they bear the tree of life.  To me, unharvested potential = future success.  That’s what I’m counting on, at least!  I also learned soon after I got this that acorns are called tree nuts.  I had no idea.

Quote, 2012


I really wanted this quote somewhere.  I guess it’s just another of the ‘life goes on’ motif.  And I really wanted a stomach tattoo, mostly because they look fucking badass [like Travis Barker].  My ex wasn’t super keen on the stomach tattoo, not that that mattered too much, but when we broke up, this was my cathartic, independent woman, thing.

I went to the same artist who did my tree, since I wanted to go to someone I trusted if he was gonna have his hands all up in my business.  Seriously, while he was doing it, one elbow was in my [lack of] cleavage and the other, the one holding the tattoo gun, was in my crotch.  The vibrations from the tattoo gun made that extra awkward.


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Midterm today, so enjoy these quotes!

I have a midterm this afternoon so I can’t really do anything that requires any brain power whatsoever, because all of my brain power is taken up by pages upon pages of this:


Thus, here is a post that requires no brain power!  I got a Kindle last year for Christmas and I’ve only read a few books on it. It’s a shamefully low number, but I try to remember school and work are the reasons. And exercise! Forgot about exercise! Anyway, for any of you not familiar with a Kindle, there’s a highlight feature that I totally forget about and barely use it for a whole book, and then randomly remember it and use it 8 times in two days. Here are all of the quotes I’ve highlighted in the past year.  I hope you find them as thought provoking as I did!


Paint It Black: A Novel by Janet Finch

What was worse was that he believed the new version as much as he had the old one.  And she was afraid that someday he’d do the same thing with her, the story of his love.


This Is How: Proven Aid in Overcoming Shyness, Molestation, Fatness, Spinsterhood, Grief, Disease, Lushery, Decrepitude & More by Augusten Burroughs

Would an exchange of greasy, zero calorie pleasantries improve the world?

The anger will not eventually evaporate.  It will ferment into resentment. Resentment is anger looking for payback.  It’s also a high-interest-earning emotion.

You need to go places you have never been and order food you have never ordered and wait in lines you have never waited in before.

You are exactly everything enough to the person who thinks you are.

You only need willpower to get what you don’t want or you only want to want.

Never be afraid of space or silence.  They are merely the cool side of the pillow during interaction: a refreshing mental nap.

All children should be loved, nurtured-emotionally and intellectually-respected, and never, under any circumstances, underestimated.

Blame may well be justified but it’s not going to move you forward in your life.

And loss is not a subtraction. As an experience, it is an addition.

Limits stop you from living a life without limits.  Of course, this is only an illusion.  What limits really do is give you an acceptable excuse to avoid doing something.

The difference between writing the letter and sending it and writing the letter and not sending it is mental health.

In fact, the desire to understand is so powerful that it feels almost like within the answer is salvation or rescue.  But it doesn’t matter why, not at all.


Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow.

It’s better when one does good so that you may ask everyone and no one knows.