Sunday Runday 9/17


  • Run  
    • Week 21 Total = 32.4 miles
  • PT 4x  X
  • SEPTEMBER RESOLUTION – Run a Marathon        
  • Yoga – 60 minutes X


  • Monday 9/11 – PT – My peroneal tendon started acting up last weekend.  Of course.  I need a break.  Ice and advil, ice and advil, all week.
  • Tuesday 9/12 – 4.2 mi @ 11:36 min/mi – This was one of my worst runs of training. Inside and outside tendons, shins, calves, foot… ALL OF IT HURT.  Usually I walk because I want to, but today I HAD to.
  • Wednesday 9/13 – Hip Opener Yoga 
  • Thursday 9/14 – 2 mi @ 11:04 pace
  • Friday 9/15 – Fly to Seattle!
  • Saturday 9/16 – MARATHON!!!!  4 hours 51 minutes AKA 11:07 minutes per mile AKA way faster than I trained for  — race recap coming soon…
  • Sunday 9/17 


  • Nada



Blister Solutions!

I started getting blisters last year, and I’ve tried everything.  Moisturizing, Vaseline, baby powder, deoderant, new socks, new shoes, Nexcare, Compeed, Bandaid…I think the list goes on.  Compeed’s blister pads are really great when the blister is fresh and needs to heal.  They stay on for ~2 days, even through showers.  Nexcare’s blister pads come in 2nd.  They are followed by Band-Aid’s, whose effectiveness vary by style.

However, for blister prevention, I’ve started using Spenco 2nd Skin squares.  They are these gel-y cushions that you need to tape over your blister-prone spots.  $30 for 200 on Amazon, though I got them through the FSA Store though, so I bought them pre-tax.

For the tape, I got Nexcare’s cloth tape that comes on a normal tape roll, so that I don’t have to get out the scissors.

This solution lasted overnight and through a 9 mile run the next day.  No budging, no peeling, no loss of adhesion.  My new saviors!!

Obligatory runner’s feet photo coming up…