Physical Therapy – Revisit

I had to SEARCH through so many posts to find one from 2014 where I had outlined my physical therapy exercises.  Lately, I’ve been doing the core ones, but haven’t been super consistent about hips and balancing.  Lo and behold, my posterior tibial tendon is buggin.  Or I just have shin splints.  But really it’s most likely the fucking tendon.

  1. Hip Extension 1 – Place foot in band while standing and keeping hips square.  Extend foot straight back for 2 sets of 15 reps on each leg.
  2. Hip Extension 2 – Same as above, but extend out to the side for 2 sets of 15 reps on each leg.
  3. Seated J – Sitting with legs straight out in front of you, loop resistance band around ball of the right foot.  Trace a capital J with your big toe.  Do 2 sets of 25 on both feet.
  4. In & Outs – In same seated position, wrap band around ball of right foot and loop behind ball of the left foot.  Move right foot out to the right, like a windshield wiper – 2 sets of 25.  Then, cross the right leg over the left, moving the band behind the left foot and holding in your right hand and move right foot to the left for 2 sets of 25.  Repeat all on the left leg.
  5. Eccentrics – Stand on stair with heels off the edge.  Go up on both tippy-toes.  Lift one leg and lower yourself down on one foot slooooowly. Repeat for 15 and switch legs.
  6. Calf Stretches – staying on the stairs drop one heel at a time for 30 seconds each.  Repeat.
  7. Balance – Stand on a pillow on one foot for 30 seconds each.  If/when it gets too easy, add more pillows.

Out of all of the above, I’ve only been doing the first 4 and, really, only the seated ones consistently.  It’s easy to do something while I watch TV!

Now it has been 2 days since my longest run yet, 14 miles, and I’m limping around with ankle pain.  I’ve iced, elevated, rested, put on my walking boot, foam rolled.  Granted it’s only been a day with the pain (yes, the day of and the day after it felt fine…super random), but nothing is helping.  I’m making an appointment with a Chiropractor & Sports Medicine doc in addition to the above.




Blister Solutions!

I started getting blisters last year, and I’ve tried everything.  Moisturizing, Vaseline, baby powder, deoderant, new socks, new shoes, Nexcare, Compeed, Bandaid…I think the list goes on.  Compeed’s blister pads are really great when the blister is fresh and needs to heal.  They stay on for ~2 days, even through showers.  Nexcare’s blister pads come in 2nd.  They are followed by Band-Aid’s, whose effectiveness vary by style.

However, for blister prevention, I’ve started using Spenco 2nd Skin squares.  They are these gel-y cushions that you need to tape over your blister-prone spots.  $30 for 200 on Amazon, though I got them through the FSA Store though, so I bought them pre-tax.

For the tape, I got Nexcare’s cloth tape that comes on a normal tape roll, so that I don’t have to get out the scissors.

This solution lasted overnight and through a 9 mile run the next day.  No budging, no peeling, no loss of adhesion.  My new saviors!!

Obligatory runner’s feet photo coming up…

Injuries Suck

I’ve written about tendinitis before. It fucking blows. I think it was about 2 years ago when I went to an orthopedist because I had distinct, acute pain in my ankle and shins that turned out to be cured by 2 months off from running and work with a physical therapist.

Then it was about a year and a half ago when I went back to the same orthopedist because I had pain on the bottom of my foot. That time I had actually torn a ligament, but the pain was caused by the tendinitis flare up caused by the torn ligament. Another few months of PT and all better! Right?

Wrong. Months of PT with an ongoing mandate – If you want to continuing running, you will always need to do PT.

Well, guess what I’ve been pretty shit at doing lately? PT. And guess where I was last night? On the couch eating ice cream instead of being at boot camp because it hurts to take every. single. step.

It’s the same tendinitis pain from when I sprained my ankle (I’m assuming without the torn ligament, and just because of the 10 mile run). This is going to require PT every day and rest, for at least a few weeks. All that with a half marathon in 7 weeks. And I can’t blame anybody, but myself. I was doing PT maybe once a week. Fuck me.


I’ve got another blister. Well, really, the original blister has returned. I’m not quite sure it ever went away.  And here I thought I was on my way to being injury free.

game of thrones movies television 4 sansa stark

After that first stabbing pain in the bottom of my foot, I bought NexCare blister bandaids, which proved amazing. They stay on for 3 days at a time, through running and showers, and the cushion the blister so that it doesn’t hurt [almost] at all. I am sort of considering wearing them all the time just to prevent blisters, but that doesn’t seem wise economically.  So, I’ve been researching the shit out of blisters.

I believe that mine was originally caused by a combination of too-big sneakers (lots of friction from my foot moving around) and old socks (not as moisture wicking anymore…though I’m not sure that actually happens…IDK).  Here are some things I’ve learned about preventing them.

  • Equipment = good fitting shoes and socks!  Specifically, anti-blister socks.  I don’t know if good socks lose their good qualities over time, but I think mine have.  From here on out I’m tossing any that come out of the dryer with that stiff feeling and/or lost elasticity.
    • Other things that I’m probably not doing = double layer of socks increases moisture absorption and reduces friction, orthotic insoles, engo patches which adhere to the spot in your shoe that is causing the blister (but I already got rid of the shoes that I think caused it)
  • Skin = There are tons of things you can do here.  I haven’t tried any, yet, but I plan to.
    • Antiperspirants or astringents applied before the run to make sure the skin is dry and stays dry.
    • Applying lubricant before the run (doesn’t that seem counter-intuitive given the above bullet??) to reduce friction.
    • Taping the whole area, but that sounds very time consuming for a 2 mile run.
    • Hydration.  The better hydrated you are the less your feet will swell.  Yeah that one sounds like a long shot, but it’s good for me anyway.
    • Additionally, moisturizing your skin will help reduce blisters, similar to the lubricant idea.  This one will be easy to implement.
  • Running form = I did read that changes to running form can cause blisters because your skin is used to/strengthened for your current stride.  This one is particularly interesting, since I’ve been doing lunges to improve my form ever since meeting with that running coach.

In the meantime, I’m keeping this baby covered for the next week or so, until I can’t see it anymore at all.