Tattoo Chronicles: #4 and #5

I just realized I never finished my tattoo postings, not that anyone’s asking, but I don’t like leaving loose ends. I also need something to write about, because most of the stuff I want to write about, I don’t want to write about in a public forum.  So, here we are with my most recent two tattoos.

Tree of Life, 2010


This was my present to myself for completing undergrad.  It took 3 sittings, 9 hours, and $1000.  It’s an oak tree, which is the tree of life.  But the real symbolism is in the knots and the acorns (the sunset’s just pretty).  There are 2 knots in the tree truck which represent tough times in my life, 2 bad relationships actually, 1 parental, 1 romantic/abusive.  The point of it all is that every bad thing that you survive, everything that happens to you that you get through and keep going….well, it makes you who you are.  Just as the knots mar the bark of the tree forever, but do not stop it from growing, our experiences impact who we are forever.  They become a part of us.  We don’t forget them and we don’t dwell on them; we use them to become a better person.

The acorns, in relationship to the tree of life, are supposed to represent unharvested potential because they bear the tree of life.  To me, unharvested potential = future success.  That’s what I’m counting on, at least!  I also learned soon after I got this that acorns are called tree nuts.  I had no idea.

Quote, 2012


I really wanted this quote somewhere.  I guess it’s just another of the ‘life goes on’ motif.  And I really wanted a stomach tattoo, mostly because they look fucking badass [like Travis Barker].  My ex wasn’t super keen on the stomach tattoo, not that that mattered too much, but when we broke up, this was my cathartic, independent woman, thing.

I went to the same artist who did my tree, since I wanted to go to someone I trusted if he was gonna have his hands all up in my business.  Seriously, while he was doing it, one elbow was in my [lack of] cleavage and the other, the one holding the tattoo gun, was in my crotch.  The vibrations from the tattoo gun made that extra awkward.


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Tattoo Chronicles: Worn with Pride


right after it was done – just wee bit bloody

Pride?  Get it?  Because it’s a peacock feather?  I don’t know if you’ve figured this out by now, but I’m wicked clever.

I believe it was my 2nd year of college that I got this tattoo.  My best friend wanted to get her first or second tattoo (I can’t remember which one was first) and I, being the good, tatted friend that I am, was going to go with her and also get something.  I had considered getting an entire peacock and I sort of with I did.  Because, now I really want a peacock tattoo, but that would be weird to have the full bird and just the feather.

Truly, the peacock feather is meant to symbolize pride.  I was a year or so into college, doing well, making something of myself.  Neither of my parents went to college, nor did the help me financially or otherwise, and I was proud of myself.  It also gave me an opportunity to put a bunch of bright colors on my skin in a visible place.  Win, win.

I am super glad that my taste in tattoo artists got better as I got more visible ink.

This only took about an hour and a half, but on the spine, it felt like nerve pain the entire time.  Cringe-worthy shooting pain that I could feel in my hands and feet.  This was my most painful tattoo, by far.  I think it also bothered my having the tattoo gun so close to my head.

I didn’t take any new pictures of this one.  The first one above is from 2006 and I also have some from 2008 below.  We’ll just call it Throw Back Thursday up in this bitch blog.

2  1

P.S. Yes, of course there is a story that goes with these pictures.  My friend and I were out at Daisy Buchanan’s and we were on our way out the door when this fine fellow grabs me and starts ballroom dancing to club music.  Literally had a ball room dancing lesson from a shirtless, vest-wearing man in a zebra bandana and a bolo tie.  What the fuck.  No idea.  Shenanigans.  Absolute shenanigans.

P.P.S. This tattoo still looks as bright and colorful as it does in pictures.  I especially love it because it hides my bacne.  Ahahahaha.  Gross, I know.  Sorry dudes.