Five Thing Friday

  1. I am turning 29 tomorrow and I still have acne. In fact, I have a pea sized mound of a pimple stewing between my eyebrows. Ugh. I only get like one at a time, so I’m not on anything heavy duty, but I am on prescription clindamycin, as well as a face wash and spot treatment. Why?!?
  2. I finally caved and opened a Twitter account. I totally don’t know how this works, but here I am!  @CityHumanAndDog
  3. I desperately need a new phone, as you no doubt have gathered from it resetting itself during my runs and taking the worst pictures ever.  I’ve been avoiding getting one because of Virgin Mobile’s shitty selection.  Yes, I only have to pay $44/month for unlimited data and text and 300 minutes of talk and insurance.  But, I have to pay $500 for a decent phone?!  Say what now?!?!?!  The next best phone they had for sale was $99.  Can we get something in between perhaps????  Nah.  I just spent on a phone close to what I spent on my first car.  UGH.  Hopefully the phone lasts longer than my 1995 Hyundai Elantra.  So, look forward to more and better pictures!  Probably all of Reba.
  4. Speaking of Reba… October is Pit Bull Awareness Month.  We got back her DNA test.  She is 50% American Staffordshire Terrier, 12.5% Lab, 12.5% Bull Terrier, and 25% Mixed Breed.  So, yep, she’s a pit bull.  Hello, high home insurance rates (if you live in MA, click here support banning insurance companies’ breed discrimination).  If you’ve heard that more pit bulls bite that other dogs, it’s because there are more pit bulls in existence.  Percentage-wise, it’s the same as other breeds.  Here’s Huffington Post’s take on pit bull myths.
  5. While I’m on it, I’ll stay on my soapbox.  I read a fantastic article, Dear Men – Wake Up and Smell the Inequality, about men’s perceptions of women’s opportunities for advancement in the workplace.  The study it was based on was even more interesting!  Bottom line – 88% of male respondents thought women had equal opportunities for advancement.  Meanwhile, women have 15% less opportunities for advancement.  (that sentence isn’t structured correctly – check out the article and study for real data talk!).